S1 Episode 10: Why Are You Building Wealth?

If you could define an ideal wealthy life, what would that look like? Do you know why you’re building wealth? It is the season finale of Season 1 of the Rich Immigrant podcast. We did it! In this episode, we go back to our why and I ask you to define what a rich/wealthy life means for you.

In this episode I break down:
1. Why it is important to build wealth
2. What being wealthy and having a rich life truly encompasses
3. Being wealthy is having solid life-giving relationships
4. Being wealthy is having the freedom to direct your time
5. Having wealth that has an impact beyond oneself.

What are your motivations for building wealth? Thank you for listening to this episode of the Rich Immigrant podcast, please rate, review, subscribe, and share this episode. Stay connected with the podcast and join our community on Instagram at ‘Therichimmigrant.’

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