How COVID-19 Impacts Immigrants

Season 1 Episode 2 talks about how COVID-19 impacts immigrants. The COVID-19 pandemic may just be the disruptor of our generation! While no one is left unscathed, immigrants are impacted in some unique ways and we talk about that in this episode. 

In this episode, I talk about

Have You Checked On Your Immigrant Friends?

There are the memes that talk about checking on your strong friends, your working moms and while those are all so very valid, what about our immigrant friends? Immigrants are uniquely impacted and this episode brings those impacts to the forefront and shares how we can help the immigrant community during the pandemic.

How COVID-19 Impacts Immigrants Financially

  1. Many immigrant families will not qualify for the economic stimulus packages being offered by the governments of the countries in which we live.
  2. Fear of displacements in the minds of many immigrants. Job losses in the USA for those on a work visa means that you have 60 days to pack up your bags and leave the life that you have built. It doesnt matter how long you have lived in the Unidted
  3. International students studying abroad have fewer opportunities to have jobs as they graduate in the pandemic, putting an end to their dreams of working in the countries they currently live in
  4. Many immigrants send money home to their familities through remittances. Many 1st and 2nd generation immigrants may feel even more pressure to support their families at this time. If we don’t, who will provide for our parents and siblings?

Non-Financial Ways COVID-19 is Impacting Immigrants

  1. Many immigrants don’t know when next they will be able to physically see and hug their loved ones face to face
  2. Many immigration processes are halted, significantly delayed. Certain opportunities to migrate may no longer be an option.
  3. 1st and 2nd generation immigrant have needed to move back home to live with their family. Many may not feel understood by their families. It is hard to be in aplace where you arent fully seen or known.
  4. Essential workers putting their lives on the line. Immigrants both documented and undocumented are on the front lines of the pandemic and sometimes putting themselves at great risk in countries where we may not feel welcome

What Are Ways to Support Immigrants Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Support organizations that serve the underserved (including immigrant specific non-protifts for both documented and undocumented
  2. Check in on your immigrant friends and students. Show that you’re aware of the struggle that they may be currently experiencing
  3. Remember to save yourself first. Don’t drown yourself trying to save someone that may have a life jacket. Be honest and have the courage to tell your family your current financial situation, and reset expectations.
  4. Pick up the phone and share the struggles or fears with your community (both immigrant and otherwise).
  5. Be patient but also, be ready to pivot if your migration plans are halted. Are you willing to explore other opportunities and consider other options?
  6. Consider going to therapy as you navigate being back at home.


Immigrants are resourceful, resilient, and adaptable people. These skills are needed now more than ever before. Immigrants bring this incredible collective experience and talent to whatever seats they occupy. Stand tall, stand proud. The world needs you!

It is my hope that this episode helps you understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting immigrants.

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