Are You Ready To Invest?

Season 1 Episode 4 is helping you decide whether you are ready to invest. Grab a pen, or some wine/tea, and let’s dig in together.

Investing Is Not For Everyone

That’s right. Investing is not for everyone but it can be for anyone! Investing is not only for the rich, or for those that understand financial jargon but I didn’t always know this fact. The term investing is more intimidating than it is in reality and this episode provides you with the tools to begin to build a healthy foundation as an investor.

I talk through this episode as a lazy investor, as most of us, and I’m convinced that lazy investors can win too. Investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it requires some level of risk tolerance, and money,  but investing does not have to consume an excessive amount of time. I share personal examples of how investing has worked for me. Most of us are starting from scratch and in order to reach financial independence, we NEED to invest.

Looking to start investing? There are a number of things to take care of first.

In this episode I break down:

  1. Personal examples of how investing has worked for me
  2. Six questions to answer to determine if you are ready to invest
    1. Are your finances in order?
    2. Do you have an emergency fund?
    3. Do you have a budget is there room to allocate to investing?
    4. Have you established your why around investing? What are your investing goals?
    5. Do you understand your risk tolerance?
    6. Are you ready to learn about investing?
  3. How to determine your risk tolerance level
  4. My role as a lazy investor

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